The Saloniki Sound Festival 2018

Music enthusiasts will have the opportunity to attend the most exciting festival of the summer thanks to the collaboration of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the creative team Soulfood. The/Saloniki Sound Festival will be live from June 18th to June 22nd to spread Thessaloniki’s sound of music.

thessaloniki sound festival 2018

More than 15 groups and DJs from Greece and abroad will meet up in 4 landmark places to pay tribute to music for 5 days in a row.

Along with the concerts a series of parallel events such as jamming sessions and workshops will also take place in different venues within the city to showcase the modern trends, techniques and ascending course of the music industry in Greece and all over the world.

saloniki sound festival 2018

The/Saloniki Sound Festival will spread the city’s sound, without boundaries and limits, with the desire to present new sounds, to honor the past and dance away to the music of today.

The program of the festival will be as follows:

Monday June 18th

sworr sound festival

An ode to lyricism and the magical way that it is combined with electronic music.

Tuesday June 19th


Afro – Funk and the perpetual search for groove.

Wednesday June 20th

monodome sound festival

A tribute to street musicians with the most diverse synthesis of music.

Thursday June 21st


Afro – Disco – Boogie – House Dance party by the most modern Djs and music producers.

Friday June 22nd

Yako Trio

Jazz at its best, combined with dream pop, nu swing and swing.

If you are a music fanatic and you are eager to attend this festival, arrange your stay at City hotel in the heart of Thessaloniki and get ready to groove!

saloniki sound festival 2018

Image Credits: The/Saloniki Sound Festival, Facebook Page.

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