The Gorgeous Lakes of Northern Greece

Greece is filled with spellbinding landscapes, with seas and mountains, forests and plains, rivers, gorges and beautiful lakes from side to side. If you are heading towards Northern Greece and you feel like going on a field trip, let us guide you to some of the most gorgeous lakes found in the region.

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Lake Volvi

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Located in the prefecture of Thessaloniki, lake Volvi along with Koronia are considered wetlands of international importance according to the Ramsar Convention. Lake Volvi is the second largest lake in Greece and is certainly worth your while.

Lake Kerkini

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Situated in the prefecture of Serres, approximately 100 km from the city of Thessaloniki, lake Kerkini was artificially formed in 1932. Lose yourself in the lush vegetation, the wild lilies and marvel the great variety of fish, the buffalos and the magnificent views to the mountains Belles and Krousia.

Doirani Lake

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Situated 70 km from the city of Thessaloniki and only 25 km from the city of Kilkis, Doirani Lake will take your breath away with its dreamy environs. You will be given the opportunity to marvel 36 rare species of birds, the forest of the Thousand Trees and the exhibits on display at the Doirani Museum of Natural History.

Lake Vegoritida – Western Macedonia

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Surrounded by the mountains of Verno, Voras and Vermion, Vegoritida is a very important biotope and it is also the deepest lake in Greece. While in the area, you are welcome to marvel the majestic views to Kaimaktsalan as well as the wild birds and spectacular sunset. The amazing landscape and countless fish in its waters, make Vegoritida lake a favorite fishing spot.

Lakes Petron / Chimaditida / Zazari

Lake Petron(Image credits: Travel Book, Iraklis Milas )

Situated amidst the mountains Verno, Voras, Askio and Vermion, the three interconnected lakes, Petron, Chimaditida and Zazari are home of several rare species and offer an oasis on earth for everyone to enjoy.

Great and Small Prespa Lakes

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Famous for their natural splendor, both lakes are home of more than 40 species of mammals, 260 species of birds and 1300 species of plants and are considered a heaven for those appreciating the wild beauties of nature. While in the area, make sure to visit the island of Saint Achilios and Small Prespa where you can marvel archaeological and Byzantine monuments.

Lake Kastoria

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Lake Orestiada, or better known as Lake Kastoria adorns the city of Kastoria with its majesty whether visiting during the winter when it may be frozen or in spring when it’s warm and welcoming. The lake features more than 200 species of birds, fauna and flora, definitely worth exploring.

Lake Pamvotida – Ioannina

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A beautiful lake linked with the land’s history and legends such as the one with Kyra Frosyni and Mouchtar Pasha, son of Ali Pasha, whose forbidden love caused her tragic death in the lake of Ioannina. Surrounded by the Mitsikeli mountains, the lake of Ioannina is a very important ecosystem with a great number of rare species. There are many water sports tournaments organized at the lake such as ski, rowing, canoe-kayak and there are many sites worth visiting including the island of Kyra Frosini, the Ali Pasha museum and the seven monasteries. Set in a picturesque setting, filled with souvenir shops, handmade artifacts and local taverns, the lake of Ioannina is definitely a must visit spot during your travels.

Lake Plastira

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A very beautiful lake that was artificially formed in 1959 in the prefecture of Karditsa. A fairy-like landscape worth exploring featuring a great number of monasteries and religious monuments.

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