The Cycling Carnival of Thessaloniki

For the 8th year in a row, the cycling carnival of Thessaloniki is about to fill the streets of the city with color and excitement on Thursday the 16th of February or else on Greek “Tsiknopempti”. So, gather up you cycling bodies, pick a theme of your choice and get ready to pump up the fun!

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Thessaloniki has managed to combine the customs of the carnival with the tradition of biking in Greece with a self-organized environmental and social action cycling masquerade parade with thematic groups and carnival floats accompanied by King Carnival. Participation is free for all and can be superbly combined with the rest of the celebrations taking place around the city of Thessaloniki on “Tsiknopempti”.

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Tsiknopempti is a celebration of the Orthodox tradition in which everyone is expected to consume large quantities of meat before the long fasting of lent begins. So, simply imagine a city filled with BBQ grills and lots of cyclists dressed up as pirates, dragons, butterflies, fairies, political figures, actors and renowned singers in the most colorful and festive of atmospheres.

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Whether you are the spirit of the party, a cycling enthusiast or a meat lover, the city of Thessaloniki is the place to be this Thursday. Don’t waste time, meet up with your friends, book your stay at City Hotel in the heart of the town and celebrate the carnival in Thessaloniki’s vibrant city center.

Are you ready to party?

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