The Coolest Festivals of Thessaloniki

Leading the way to cultural diversity, the city of Thessaloniki is truly a city of festivals overflowing with warmth, energy and good vibes all year long. But besides the more common festivals, Thessaloniki is proud to present some of the coolest festivals in the city.


1. Urban Picnic Festival

picnic urban festival

The archeological site of Roman Agora welcomes you for the most unique picnic during the last weekend of August. Lay your tablecloth on the ground, open your picnic basket and get ready to enjoy a number of concerts and films in the open air.


2. Taratsa International Film Festival

Taratsa International Film Festival

What about a summer flick? Enjoy some of the most exceptional short films from around the world from young creators at some of the most beautiful terraces of the city. Unique spaces are transformed into open air cinemas offering viewers an one-of-a-kind experience.


3. Reworks International Music Festival


What if you could enjoy all sorts of music for 5 days and 5 nights in a row? Follow the rhythms of pop, soul, jazz and electronic music from various artists, enjoy some of the most amazing performances, attend workshops and discussions and be inspired.


4. Panhellenic Book Festival of Thessaloniki

book festival

Book presentations by their authors, theater, music and dance performances come together to stage the Book Festival of Thessaloniki. Are you ready for a book marathon?


5. Thessaloniki Street Mode Festival


Dedicated to younger crowds or those feeling young at heart, the Thessaloniki Street Mode Festival is a celebration of art and culture. Get ready to feel the city vibe with graffiti and street art, action sports, concerts, breakdance and street dance as well as DJ sets that will lift your spirit high!


6. Mysticon-Thessaloniki Mystery Festival

mystery festival

Are you ready to solve the mysteries? Attend the Mysticon festival in September and step into the mystery world of Thessaloniki through escape rooms, treasure hunts, mystery tours, interactive escape games, police content games and experiential games. When you consider the mystery solved then you may also visit the comics exhibition.


7. Thessaloniki Dance Festival


How about getting your grove on and showing the rest of the competitors what you are made off? Dance to the rhythms of Salsa, Latin, Tango, Hip Hop, Oriental and Jazz along with other competitors, international coaches and choreographers.


8. Thesspuppet Festival-International Puppet and Mime Festival of Thessaloniki


Last but not least, the Thesspuppet festival will open your perspective to the art of the puppets from their folk ancestry to the modern era.


So, when you feel like getting away from it all, escape in the urban nature environs of City Hotel in Thessaloniki center and pick the coolest festival for you to attend.


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