The Comic Con Side of Thessaloniki

Comic lovers, designers and fanatics get ready for the biggest Comic Festival of the year between May 4th-6th in the heart of Thessaloniki. The Comic Con Festival is about to flood the city of Thessaloniki for the 4th year in a row with all that a comic enthusiast could ever dream of.

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Comic professionals and comic aficionados from all around Greece and the neighboring countries will have the opportunity to meet up and exchange ideas under one roof, that of the conference center of Ioannis Vellidis at the Thessaloniki-Helexpo. A 3-day comic fiesta filled with comics, animation, video games, role-playing and new entries in the comic scene will make this festival truly unique.

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Visitors will have the opportunity to see up close some of the most famous creators, attend a series of unique events, workshops, contests and masterclasses, enjoy many surprises and incredible gifts.

Comics have followed us through our transition from childhood to manhood. A sequence of panels and images with funny stories that made our everyday an adventure. An exciting adventure filled with superheroes, fantastic creatures, treasures and troves.

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If you would like to go back in time or back to the future, then you should seriously consider attending the Comic Con Festival in Thessaloniki.

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