The Best Thessaloniki Exhibitions for the Summer

The cultural pulse of Thessaloniki is pumping with vibrancy with an amazing range of artistic exhibitions taking place throughout the summer in several regions of Northern Greece. Let’s check out the top exhibitions of the summer! 

Relics to Eternity in Idomeni 2015-2016

A multimedia installation, an alternative archaeological exhibition with modern materials selected by Giorgos Katsaggelos from the improvised refugee camp in Idomeni during the years 2015-2016 will be held at the Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art, Moni Lazariston between May the 31st and July the 9th.

relics-to-eternity-kataggelos(Image Credits:

The Costumes of the NTNG

A collection of costume-gems from the National Theater of Northern Greece will be exhibited at Vassiliko Theater as a permanent display starting May the 31st of 2017.

costumes Kratiko Theatro Thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Agia Sofia 170 years ago

Colored lithographs from the Fossati brothers related to Agia Sofia 170 years ago will be showcased for the first time to the residents of Thessaloniki at the Museum of Byzantine Culture between June 17th and October 15th.

Agia Sofia Exhibition(Image Credits:

Future Revisited by Anatoly Shuravlev

The key element of the “Future Revisited” exhibition is the form, presented as an archetypal constitute of art by Anatoly Shuravlev. A collection of works presented at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art between June 7th and July 30th.

Anatoly Shuravlev(Image Credits:

Art: 65 years of collections at Teloglion

More than 400 pieces of artistic work by the Artistic Company “Techni” will be presented at the Teloglion Foundation of Art between June 6th and October 15th.

Life through the Lens of Constantinos Petridis

During the photography exhibition that will be held between the 8th and the 15th of July, the 3rd Parthenon Film Festival will present works from the archives of this great photographer at the Central Pier of Neos Marmaras in Halkidiki.

constantinos petridis(Image Credits:

An art fanatic or not, this is the time to get into the lively cultural vibe of Thessaloniki. Arrange your stay at the urban nature City hotel and discover the world of art in the crossroads of culture in Northern Greece.

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