The Best Beaches of Thessaloniki

As temperatures skyrocket, the citizens and visitors of Thessaloniki are looking for a refreshing escape without having to leave the capital. And even though trips to Halkidiki are very common during the summer, there are also several beaches to choose from only a breath away from the city.

Thessaloniki beaches

So, get your swimsuits on and get ready for the most revitalizing dives in the beautiful beaches of Thessaloniki.

Vrasnon Beach

Vrasnon Beach thessaloniki

Only 3 km between Asprovalta and Stavros, this 3 km long sandy beach is well known for its fine sand and its advanced facilities. The beach can be reached by car or with public transportation from the city center.

Peraias Beach

peraias beach thessaloniki

Fully organized with sunbeds and beach bars, the beach of Peraia is well known for its cosmopolitan character and amazing vistas to the White Tower of Thessaloniki. This stunning, fine sand, 7 km long beach is situated in an area filled with fish taverns and restaurants and it’s the perfect choice for visitors wishing to socialize, dive in the endless azure or simply bask in the sun.

Agia Triada Beach

Agia Triada Beach thessaloniki

Situated only 20 km from the city center of Thessaloniki, Agia Triada beach is the perfect choice for couples, friends or even families with young kids as it features fine sand, swallow waters, cafes, beach bars and taverns serving amazing authentic recipes and sea food.

Epanomi Beach – Potamos

Epanomi Beach thessaloniki

The amazing scenery with the sunken ship dares visitors to explore its surroundings. If you are not a great explorer, then the nearby and organized beach of Potamos will make your trip worth it. Enjoy your swim, test your limits at some of the most exhilarating water sports or simply relax and socialize with a cocktail at one of the beach bars.

Asprovalta Beach

asprovalta beach thessaloniki

About 80 km away from the city center of Thessaloniki, on the road towards Kavala, the beach of Asprovalta is definitely worth a swim. It is a big tourist resort amidst a verdant landscape with crystal clear waters and advanced facilities.

Whether visiting Thessaloniki on business, travelling with friends, your family or your other half and the heat is too much to bear, there is always a way out. Enjoy a truly revitalizing stay at the urban nature City Hotel and take off for a day to remember at one of the most beautiful beaches of Thessaloniki.

city thessaloniki hotel

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