Speak Like a Local in Thessaloniki

When traveling abroad it is important to get a sense of the destination you are visiting, the customs, the traditions and of course the local language. Although, Greek is the language spoken in all regions of Greece, there are specific dialects and wording variations that define each region and to help you understand some of these differences we have prepared a list of commonly used words in Thessaloniki and Athens.

Athens Thessaloniki local language
So, next time you visit Thessaloniki, get ready to speak like a local. Let’s begin!

When ordering Kalamaki at a souvlaki shop, you are actually ordering:

straw(Image Credits: dhgate.com)

Thessaloniki: A Straw.

Athens: A Meat Skewer.

When ordering Kaseri Cheese, you are actually ordering:

Kaseri Cheese(Image Credits: xrisizimi.gr)

Thessaloniki: Any type of yellow cheese.

Athens: The Kaseri type cheese.

When ordering a Toast, you are actually ordering:

toast(Image Credits: bovary.gr)

Thessaloniki: Any type of toasted bread filled with cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato etc.

Athens: A square toast filled with cheese, ham, lettuce, tomato etc.

When ordering a Mpougatsa, you are actually ordering:

mpougatsa(Image Credits: iapopsi.gr)

Thessaloniki: A golden flaky pie filled with sweet custard, cheese or beef.

Athens: A golden flaky pie with sweet custard filling.

When ordering a Souvlaki in pita bread “filled with everything”, you are actually ordering:

souvlaki(Image Credits: markisfood.gr)

Thessaloniki: Souvlaki in Pita bread filled with tomato, onions, french fries, ketchup and mustard.

Athens: Souvlaki in pita bread filled with tomato, onions, french fries and tzatziki.

When ordering a Patatopita, you are actually ordering:


Thessaloniki: Sandwich with French Fries.

Athens: Potato filled pasty.

When ordering a Piroshki, you are actually ordering:

pirohski(Image Credits: thessaloniki.travel)

Thessaloniki: A fried bun filled with a variety of options.

Athens: A fried bun filled with sausage.

Keeping always in mind that Thessaloniki is a culinary haven, it is important to know how to order some of its finest products.

Arrange you stay at City Hotel and get ready to experience life in Thessaloniki as a local.


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