One More Reason to take your Family to Thessaloniki

The most festive Sundays for the entire family are about to land in the city of Thessaloniki with Fam Fiesta. KIDOT invites children, teenagers as well as adults to express their creativity and imagination through innovative workshops and special events in several city venues that will give attendants another reason to celebrate the coming of spring and summer.

fam fiesta thessaloniki

Fam Fiesta (Family Fiesta) will begin on Sunday the 15th of April right after Easter at Block 33 and will continue for the rest of spring and summer with numerous workshops for children, recreational and educational activities, games and interactions between family members, theatrical performances, presentations, parallel events, markets with local products, delicious snacks, cold beverages, music and parties all geared towards the family.

children activities thessaloniki

Aiming to bring families together and keep them entertained, Fam Fiesta will also feature also an adults’ area, a food & drink corner, a family market as well as several activities specially designed for our very young guests.

family holidays in thessaloniki

The Fam Fiesta organizers invite professionals, groups, companies and associations related to any of the activities promoted to support this initiative by offering products and services of their expertise to the children and families attending.

holidays  with children thessaloniki

Families will have the opportunity to spend some quality time together, interact and learn from each other. They will also get a chance to attend a series of creative workshops and fun recreational activities, join the parties and savor some of the most exceptional food specialties and drinks.

Fam Fiesta event dates: 15/04, 13/05, 17/06.

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fam fiesta thessaloniki

If you plan family holidays in Thessaloniki, then arrange a weekend escape to the urban nature environs of City hotel, stay at our family rooms in Thessaloniki center and experience a Sunday you will never forget with your beloved family.

thessaloniki family rooms



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