Kid-Friendly Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a city for all ages, recognized as the European Youth capital for 2014 but also as a top destination chosen by newlyweds and middle aged couples or even groups of families from all over Greece and abroad. But let’s say you are travelling to Thessaloniki with children what is there to do with your kids other than sightseeing?

1. Cycling

thessaloniki cycling

There is no better place in Greece to enjoy a tour of the city on a bike. Cycling is a very common activity for locals and visitors alike and it is an activity you can enjoy with the entire family.


2. Drive Park

kart-thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Who says you need a license to drive? Here, visitors of all ages, proficient or not are given the chance to drive a kart. Ready to speed it up a notch?


3. The Sea Wonders

thessaloniki-family-vacations(Image Credits:

Anything relating to the sea, from swimming to watersports weather permitting to splashing around or simply playing on the beach or having a picnic is definitely a fun and enjoyable time for both kids and adults.


4. The Waterland

waterland_thessaloniki(Image Credits:

If fun in the water is all you seek, then besides the sea you can always visit Thessaloniki’s Waterland. Slide through the numerous watersides, swim in the pools, play water games and enjoy your lunch at the park’s restaurant before you head for some more splashes.


5. The Magic Park

magic-park- thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Ready to enter the world of magic?

Get ready to try the most exciting and terrifying rides with your family, ride the Montagna roller coaster, see the park from above on the Ferris wheel, do the crazy dance and climb on the safari train. Hours of fun for the entire family.


6. The Zoo

thessaloniki zoo(Image Credits:

Enjoy your day exploring the wild, the animals from the jungle and endangered species at Thessaloniki’s incredible zoo. Learn more about the animals and their kingdom at the Museum of Natural history situated within the zoo area.


7. Dinosaur Adventure Park

Dinosaur Adventure Park(Image Credits:

Discover the world before the Ice Age and meet the dinosaurs on a journey through time. Visit the Mammoth Museum, the Cave of Evolution, the Sea Life Park and the Park of the Mammals.


8. Noesis

noesis thessaloniki(Image

Visit Thessaloniki’s Science Center & Technology Musuem, explore the universe and take a joy ride on a motion stimulator and discover the world on the largest flat screen TV in southern Europe on 3D.


These are only a few suggestions on what to do in Thessaloniki with kids. Arrange your stay at City hotel, feel refreshed and rejuvenated and get ready to offer your kids a holiday to remember!

family rooms thessaloniki

Spend your family vacation in complete comfort at City Hotel in our family rooms in Thessaloniki center and experience the urban nature lifestyle.


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