Join a night race by Thermaikos!

Once again Thessaloniki welcomes the 3rd Thessaloniki International Half Marathon along with the 5.000m Health Running Race and Power Walking Race, a night run event taking place on Saturday October 18th of 2014.

The Thessaloniki Half Marathon has become one of the most famous endurance races with participants from all over the world, as it welcomes runners of any age and physical fitness to join. The race has a festive atmosphere and has succeeded in becoming a major sporting event also promoting Thessaloniki’s city center.

nightrun thessaloniki(Source: Facebook, Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon)

More specifically, this idea was inspired from the successful seven year course of the International Marathon “Alexander the Great”. The Half Marathon covers half the distance of a marathon- which means 21.095 m.

The main roads of Thessaloniki welcome exclusively the runners of the Half-Marathon while Nikis Avenue and the White Tower have been set as the starting and the end points of the race.  Similarly, the City Hall of Thessaloniki and the White Tower are set as the starting and end points of the 5.000m Race. The Half Marathon starts at sunset (18:45) while the 5.000m Health and Power Walking Race starts at night (21.15).

Thessaloniki’s Night Half Marathon offers participants an amazing opportunity to combine their athletic passion with their passion for culture as the race takes place around one of the most vivid and historic cities of Greece.

nightrun thessaloniki(Source: Facebook, Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon)

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city hotel thessaloniki

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Accept the challenge, run the 3d Thessaloniki International Night Half Marathon on the 18th of October and admire the attractions of this magical city while running at night!


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