Insect mania in Thessaloniki

butterflies(Source:Facebook: Insectopia)

Are you fond of insects? Do you find their existence exciting? Do you wish to observe their habits?

Then all you need to do is visit the Insectopia Museum of Thessaloniki and meet the most unusual insects and reptiles from all corners of the world; such as cataglyphis nodus, pachycondyla villosa, messor meridionale, myrmecia pavida, butterflies and many others.

Insect enthusiasts will get ecstatic with the museum’s permanent exhibition as they will be given the opportunity to admire a great selection of rare species live. This exhibition is also addressed to those interested in learning insightful information and facts about a great number of unusual insects.
Of course there is a great percentage of people who will not enjoy such an exhibition as they are afraid of such creatures or simply because they ignore the fact that such species are part of the cycle of life, making them essential to the environment.

Those attending the exhibition will be able to observe a real life situation in an ant colony and see the royal chamber, the chamber of larvae and storage chambers while studying the cooperation between the soldiers, the guards and the collectors of food.

Snakes, lizards, iguanas and other species of the wild wild west will lure visitors to the art of living in the dessert.

spider(Source:Facebook: Insectopia)

Moreover guests are going to witness the majestic transformation of butterflies within a specially designed area stimulating real life conditions. But beware, there is more to nature than butterflies…a variety of tarantulas, a spider that can make webs stronger than steel and the largest spider of the world which can reach out 30 cm in diameter await for your visit…

This exhibition is really worth the visit as you will learn things from different corners of the earth beyond your understanding.

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So, if you are an admirer of nature enjoy a green stay at City Hotel, the urban nature design hotel in Thessaloniki, visit the Insectopia Museum and connect with nature!

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