In Edit Festival Thessaloniki 2018

Screen fans will have the opportunity to attend the biggest music documentary festival in the world right in the heart of Thessaloniki. IN-EDIT will be arriving in Thessaloniki on April the 18th and will remain in the city for 5 consecutive days. Get ready to open your eyes to the sounds of music!

in edit festival thessaloniki 2018

For a second time since its inauguration, the IN-EDIT festival will make its way to the cultural capital of Northern Greece to lure the audience to some of the most amazing music stories of our time through an exciting program in and out of the movie theaters. From the 18th until the 22nd of April, the 2 most significant cinemas of the city, Olympion and Pavlos Zannos will become the ultimate meeting points for the music and cinema enthusiasts. The sounds of David Bowie will be mixed with experimental sounds of the underground music scene of the Middle East, jazz virtuosos will be playing against the musical background of Sepultura and rock music will be synchronized with the most upbeat Greek electronic music.

in edit festival thessaloniki greece

Of course, this is only the beginning. IN-EDIT will also feature a number of parties, presentations, Dj sets and the highlight of all events, the “doc alive” where all actors of the documentaries will share a single stage.

IN-EDIT is a new form of communication reflecting the spirit, the honesty, the fame and intensity, the failures and thrills that you may only experience through music. It captures the energy and color of music depending on its origin, language and culture.

in edit festival greece

IN-EDIT takes you on a musical and visual journey to all corners of the world, telling a different story each time.

To add on your cheer, Estrella Damm and Beefeater will accompany this journey of expression with their eclectic flavors.

Visit Thessaloniki for this spectacular event, arrange your stay at City Hotel in Thessaloniki center and experience the joys of urban nature as you watch on screen the tunes of the world.


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