Get Ready for Thessaloniki’s Beer Festival

The summer is almost over but before you get back to your everyday routine, Thessaloniki has planned for you another major event that will ease the transition from summer mode to winter mode.

The big beer festival will be returning to Thessaloniki’s International Fair between August 29th and September 1st for all beer lovers and street food enthusiasts.
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Organized by SoulFood Thessaloniki and The Hoppy Pub for a 3rd year in a row the Thessaloniki beer festival will turn the Fair’s courtyards into the ultimate beer garden.

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Visitors will have the opportunity to savor unlimited beer as well as some of the most flavorsome street food options to the funky tunes of the festival.

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So, if you are a beer fanatic, a people person, a food lover and you are interested in supporting the Greek breweries make sure to attend the largest beer festival in Greece and welcome the pioneering nature of the exhibition along with new entries and breakthrough expositions.

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Until this day, 40 beer producers and 8 street food suppliers have been listed to cover this exceptional event and there are more to go.

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The largest beer festival in Greece welcomes you to taste some of the finest beers in the country and celebrate with the tunes of Pavlos Pavlidis & B Movies, Max The Sax, Koza Mostra and Locomodo.

So, before you head back to work, plan an escape to the natural urban oasis of Thessaloniki, City Hotel and salute September with a cold glass of beer.



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