Christmas in Thessaloniki with a European Flair

Inspired by the festival of lights in Lyon as well as other cities in Europe, this year’s Christmas in Thessaloniki will be filled with light and European flair.
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Triangular light arches, illuminated frames with sculptures, glass boxes with feathers, lights and air, illuminated spheres, a futuristic Christmas tree, a glass music box and a DJs sphere booth playing music throughout the day are only few of the installations that will be adorning the city.

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The Christmas village will be filled with 39 wooden houses comprising the Christmas market, 6 houses in Santa Claus’ quarters specially designed for festive children activities, a stage for live shows and concerts, an ice rink, a carousel, a roller coaster and a unique VR room for the teens.
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Thessaloniki’s Christmas project is funded by private sponsors and will be supported by the residents and entrepreneurs of the city who are aiming to make their stores part of the decoration with special lighting arrangements.
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