8th Balkan Fest 2018 in Thessaloniki

The non-governmental organization “Kids in action” along with the Exostis Free Press and the multi-purpose venue WE are co-organizing the 8th Balkan Fest on Friday the 16th & Saturday the 17th of February.

8th balcan festival

For the 8th consecutive year, the Balkan Fest renews its appointment with its dedicated fans and presents another festival for the celebration of solidarity and culture through the promotion of diversity as well as of the common characteristics and attributes of the people and countries of South-eastern Europe. Treasured by the citizens of Thessaloniki as well as visitors, the Balkan Fest promises a special evening full of Balkan scents, flavors, sights and music.

balcan fest 2018

For two nights in a row all attendants will have the opportunity to travel to the cities of the Balkan peninsula, to savor the delicacies of Balkan gastronomy from Odontoglyfida restaurant and dance to the original sounds and melodies of the Balkans mixed by Yu Gi Selecta.

odontoglifida restaurant

So, if you wish to embark on a cultural journey to the Balkans, arrange a weekend escape at City Hotel in Thessaloniki and discover the energy of down town Thessaloniki.

balcan fest thessaloniki

To further elevate your experience, book your stay in advance and benefit from an up to 20% discount, complimentary American buffet breakfast and extra treats.

Ready to head for the Balkans?



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