20th Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki

This year’s Documentary Festival will be held in the city of Thessaloniki from March 2nd to March 11th.

As a cornerstone of the 20th century, 1968 initiated a new era of revolutions, conflicts, dreams, disappointments and hopes, such as France’s uprising in May and the Prague Spring. Half a century later, the 20th Anniversary Festival pays tribute to that significant year in history revealing the less known rebellions around the world through its tribute ” ’68 beyond ’68 ” presenting 7 shocking documentaries from 1968 until 2017.

20 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

The documentaries span in place and time and examine the message and spirit of ideas which attempted to change the world from Central Europe all the way to the UNITED STATES and from Latin America to the far East.

documentary festival 2018

The 20th Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki welcomes you to follow this explosive course of people and ideologies through unknown documents and revealing testimonies.

Experience a journey of revolutionary movements that have changed the world as we know it today in the heart of Thessaloniki.

documentary festival salonica

Arrange a leisure getaway to the city of Thessaloniki, book your stay at City Hotel, one of the best Thessaloniki hotels and attend this magnificent festival.

Unravel new aspects of history and open your eyes to new revelations of the past while staying in one of the most beautiful cities in Greece.

Image Credits: Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Facebook Page


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