Vardaris: The wind that will not prevent you from… unwinding!

Winds in Thessaloniki(Source: Pinterest, Epithimies kai Aisthiseis Handmade)

January & February are considered the coldest months of the year of Thessaloniki. Although snowing is not a frequent phenomenon for the co-capital city of Greece, the wind blowing from the North freezes the scenery – but never Thessalonians’ souls! The Bride of Thermaikos Gulf may experience the so-called rage of Vardaris wind, however it never stops being both lively and erotic city that, as the cliché demands, never sleeps.

Vardaris is the most renowned wind within Northern Greece. It is known since the Byzantine era and it has been an exceptional inspiration for poets and artists over the years. Besides that, a once underground area and a crowded square of Thessaloniki’s city center have been named after Vardaris. It is said that Vardaris is the wind that affects the climate of Thessaloniki altogether.

This strong wind took its name after Mongols invaded the valley of Axios and they decided to baptize the latter with a Slavic name. Hence, Vardaris is not only the wind’s name but the other name of Axios river that reaches Greater Thessaloniki. Vardaris other names are “Cloud solver” and “Axiotis”. Vardaris follows a route that derived from the highlands of FYROM and then blows through the Axios valley, tucked in the Greek region of an opening between the mountains Paiko and Belles and reaches Thermaikos Gulf.

Romantic Thessaloniki(Source: Pinterest, Evita Veron)

Thessaloniki, though, is always a most wonderful and romantic city, despite the wind or other winterish phenomena. The co-capital city of Greece is always the Bride of Thermaikos Gulf where both inhabitants and visitors of any kind enjoy a most exciting way of living. Streets, parks, alleys, the coastline, the historical sites, the cafés, the bars, the restaurants, the clubs, the hotels, all are completing a painting that consists of small yet significant pieces.

excelsior hotel

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City Hotel interion

What if it is a bit windy now in Thessaloniki?
You have the idyllic places to…unwind at your luxurious convenience.


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