Top Summer Events of Northern Greece

Being the cultural hub of the Balkans, Thessaloniki as well as other cities in Northern Greece host some of the most exciting events in the country.
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Let’s take a look as some of the major events taking place this summer.


Thessaloniki Beer Festival
Where: TIF Helexpo
When: August 29th – September 1st

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The biggest beer festival in the country, Thessaloniki Beer Festival is coming this year with its 3rd, even more sophisticated version, offering the ultimate beer experience for all beer lovers!


Color Festival
Where: A.E.N. Krinis Stadium
When: September 1st
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Wear a white outfit and get ready to become a real-life canvas at Thessaloniki’s famous colour festival while listening to the grooves of famous bands.


Thessaloniki’s International Fair
Where: Thessaloniki’s International Exhibition Center
When: September 7th – 15th
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Aiming at the development of new international collaborations and original investment opportunities, Thessaloniki’s International Fair welcomes entrepreneurs from around the world to come up with new ideas and partnerships inspired by the three major pillars of growth, extroversion, entrepreneurship and innovation with India being this year’s guest of honor.


Where: Alexander’s Garden @ the new Waterfront
When: September 11th
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Once again, both designers and ordinary people are given the opportunity to experiment and bring out their creative talents by designing clothes from recycling materials.


Street Mode Festival
Where: Port of Thessaloniki, Warehouse 8
When: September 27th- 29th
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A major event attracting thousands of people, the Street Mode Festival will be featuring several live bands, DJ sets, shows as well as actions of the street culture including street art, street dance, BMX, skateboarding and parkour competitions.

What a better way to lift up your spirit and adrenaline while enjoying your holidays in Thessaloniki than taking part in some of Thessaloniki’s most exciting events. Escape in the green oasis of City Hotel and get ready to enjoy the summer in the most unique and enjoyable way.



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