Thessaloniki Keeps on Moving

“No one has ever become poor by giving” ― Anne Frank

Being generous in heart has been proven to contribute to a happy and healthy life. It is by giving and sharing that social connection is achieved, leading to the development of strong communities. So, whenever you get the chance to take action in the name of humanitarianism, don’t think twice to give a person in need a reason to smile again.

thessaloniki collection of caps(Image Credits:

Thessaloniki once more reveals its social responsibility and advanced understanding on urban activism by undertaking a major action helping people in need. Since 2013, Thessaloniki follows the example of the Association of Paraplegics and Physically Handicapped of Pella Prefecture (Giannitsa) with the collection of bottle caps that are given in exchange for wheelchairs. Pella’s prefecture has managed to collect half a ton of plastic caps on a daily basis from all over Greece.

thessaloniki social actions

Inspired by this movement, Thessaloniki decided to “Keep on Moving” during the summer of 2015 with the support of the volunteer team Next2U and the collection of 3.5 tons of plastic caps.

The caps were collected by the recycling vehicles and then gathered in a warehouse at Thessaloniki’s harbor, with the help of the Recycling Administration and Urban Waste Management teams. With the exchange of the caps, the Municipality managed to buy 4 wheelchairs that have been given to Hospitals and other Institutes.

Thessaloniki Next2U(Image Credits: Facebook, Thessaloniki Next2U)

Keep in mind that a ton of plastic caps is equivalent to a wheelchair! Schools and Organizations for Elderly, cultural and sports clubs, neighborhoods and even companies have all been engaged to contribute in this humanitarian movement that has been spread all over Greece to support the disabled.

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city hotel thessaloniki

Anyone can support the “Keep on moving” action without spending an excessive amount of money, time or effort. All it takes is your willingness to participate and support others in need so as to better their everyday life.

Thessaloniki bin for caps(Image Credits: Facebook, Thessaloniki Next2U)

*There is a specially designed blue recycling bin painted by children at the entrance of City Hall in Thessaloniki where you can leave the caps you have collected.


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