Thessaloniki celebrates its Right to be Free

Parade in Thessaloniki(Source:Pinterest, Leena)

Free living is the ultimate reason to celebrate anywhere in the world, in Asia or the Americas, in Africa and Europe. No one deserves to be under a cloud of quarrel yet everyone has the right to resist. To say “NO” to its invaders and conquerors, to enjoy the colors of freedom parading through the streets, as the blue and white uniforms of the Greek students and military will be marching down Aristotelous square in Thessaloniki on October 28th.

Ioannis Metaxas statue(

On October 28th of 1940 Ioannis Metaxas rejected the ultimatum made by the Italian dictator, Benito Mussolini, demanding Greece to allow foreign forces to enter and occupy certain territories or else turn to war. The answer of Metaxas was “NO” or more precise “Alors, c’est la guerre”, meaning “Then it is war” and that’s how Greeks won their freedom.

Happy Couple (Source:Pinterest, Andrew Martin)

This national celebration is a reminder that freedom doesn’t come with ease, so as long as we are free, we must rejoice life to the fullest. Spend quality time with family and friends, travel, go sightseeing and meet new places. Treat ourselves to a pampering break, indulge in the lap of luxury and enjoy every moment of the day.


This October witness the celebrations while staying at Excelsior Hotel, one of the finest 5 star boutique hotels in the heart of Thessaloniki or breathe the essence of nature at the design City Hotel in Thessaloniki’s downtown, close to the White tower, Aristotelous square and all the renowned Thessaloniki’s attractions.

There is always time to celebrate so plan your escape to Thessaloniki, you deserve it!


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