Sightseeing in Thessaloniki

The second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki, is a multicultural city that enumerates monuments from an entire spectrum of historical time. The city of Thessaloniki was established from the descendant of Alexander the Great, Kassandros. Due to the strategic position of the city, it was later selected to be the imperial capital during the reign of Galerius but also it was one of the candidate cities to serve as the capital of the Roman Empire.

Thessaloniki sightseeing

Let’s check together some of the most special sights of the city that depict a chapter of the interesting and important history of Thessaloniki!

The Arch of Galerius

One of the most characteristic monuments of Thessaloniki is the Arch of Galerius. Arch of Galerius is known as “Kamara” and belongs to Roman Galerian complex buildings. It is situated in the south-eastern part of the historical center of Thessaloniki.

kamara thessaloniki(Image credits: Pinterest, Tasos Iliadis)

The Eptapyrgio 

The Eptapyrgio which in Greek language means “Fortress of Seven Towers” is a Byzantine and Ottoman-era fortress that is situated on the north-eastern Thessaloniki. Until 1989 The Eptapyrgio was served as a prison. The Eptapyrgio is also known by the Turkish name Yedi Kule.

eptapyrgo thessaloniki(Image credits:

Upper Town

Upper Town is a picturesque district of Byzantine characteristics in Thessaloniki city with charming houses between small graphic alleys. In Upper Town you can find beautiful cafes and restaurants were you can enjoy delicious traditional dishes from Minor Asia & Macedonia and embrace the view of Thermaikos gulf.

upper town thessaloniki(Image credits: Flickr, Stellav)

The Hippodrome

The Hippodrome belonged to the complex of Galerius Caesar’s palace. The Hippodrome is known about a tragic event that took place there, when the Emperor Theodosius ordered in 390 A.D. the massacre of the city’s people. The cause of this incident was the discontent of the Thessalonians regarding the behavior of the Goth mercenaries that Theodosius had settled in the city to ensure public order.

hippodrome thessaloniki(Image credits: parevallitsa.blogspot)

Aristotelous Square

The most emblematic square of the center of Thessaloniki, was formed by the architect Ernest Hébrard after the great fire that destroyed Thessaloniki in 1917. A random event that significantly changed the physiognomy of Thessaloniki and turning it into a modern city.

aristotelous(Image credits:

The White Tower

Last but surely not least, the White Tower of Thessaloniki it is undoubtedly the trademark of the city! The once part of the Ottoman fortification of the city was built in the 15th century and now serves as the city’s history museum.

white tower thessaloniki(Image credits:

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