New Museum in Thessaloniki: Human Body Museum

Get ready to embark on a journey into the human body and discover its true potential at one of the most spectacular museums in Thessaloniki.

The Human Body Museum in Oraiokastro of Thessaloniki has opened its doors to the public in order to educate both children and adults about the human body and organ systems.

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Besides the 3D parts of the body scattered throughout the museum, visitors will have the opportunity to discover in detail more aspects of the human body through exhibits, photographs and visual aids that not only showcase the many different body parts and their functions but also inform guests on how to strengthen their immune system, improve their vitality and prevent the occurrence of serious diseases.
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The museum also features an information center presenting educational material in relation to health, nutrition and exercise explaining how important they all are for our wellbeing and how we need to implement them into our lives. A thorough demonstration is also given on the devastating effects of excessive sugar consumption as well as addiction to any chemical substances.
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Considered as one of the most fun and exciting museums in Thessaloniki, the human body museum offers the perfect getaway for an educational daily excursion especially for families with younger kids wishing to do something more than go sightseeing in Thessaloniki as it also offers a series of activities and games for its young friends at the outdoor area.

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Arrange your stay at The Excelsior Hotel and if you are looking for fun and exciting things to do in Thessaloniki with your family then make it a day of education and fun at the newly introduced museum of the human body!



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