Must Do Things in Halkidiki this Summer

The region of Halkidiki is the ultimate summer destination as it combines everything a traveler may need to enjoy his summer holidays in Halkidiki. From mesmerizing beaches and picturesque landscapes, to exciting leisure and entertainment options, mouthwatering culinary adventures and spiritual awakenings nothing is out of reach.
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1. Beaches
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Halkidiki offers some of the most popular beaches and lively resorts in all of Greece. Travelers are welcome to swim into the azure crystalline waters or bask in the sun on one of the sun kissed Halkidiki beaches and experience the beauty of the sea like never before.


2. Spa & Wellness

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Featuring a great number of wellness and spa centers, Halkidiki is the perfect place to rejuvenate your senses, relax with soothing massages or reinvigorate your spirit with spa therapies and treatments inspired by nature.


3. Gastronomy
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Halkidiki is well known for its gastronomic treasures and locally produced goods awaiting to treat guests with fine regional delights and gourmet inspirations.


4. Water Sports-Diving-Snorkeling
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For those still wondering what are some of the best things to do in Halkidiki, let the sun and the sea guide you to the most exciting water sports activities. Gear up yourself, test your limits and explore Halkidiki’s reach seabed with some of the most thrilling diving and snorkeling adventures.


5. Tours & Excursions
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Explore the unexplored, set off on a guided tour or a private excursion and discover Halkidiki’s well-hidden secrets and most remote locations.

6. Yoga

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Take advantage of the miraculous setting amidst the grandeur of nature, the spiritual atmosphere around Mount Athos and the energy arising from the sea as you balance your body and soul with truly inspiring yoga sessions.


7. Hiking & Trekking
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Another one of the most favorite things to do in Halkidiki is hiking. Featuring a landscape to behold, Halkidiki is the perfect place for hiking and trekking adventures through the greatness of its nature.


8. Cultural Experiences
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Seek the paths of discovery, uncover the culture and traditions of times gone by as you visit some of the region’s more traditional villages and nearby islands such as the island of Ammouliani.


9. Private Yachting
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Set sail into the azure and let the sweet summer breeze guide you through the most scenic seaside locations.


10. Relax & Unwind
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