Halkidiki wines: The sanctuary of flavour


Halkidiki is a popular destination not only in Greece but throughout the world and consists a unique pole of attraction because of its majestic beaches, mild weather and verdant landscape.

However, for the wine experts, Halkidiki is a place whose vineyards stand out. Especially in the region of Mount Athos, you can find not only your absolute sanctuary for moments of inner peace and tranquillity but also the ideal soil and climate for wines of high quality…

Either you prefer red, white or rose wine, Halkidiki offers a wide variety of options even for the most discriminating palates.

wines in halkidiki

Centred around the region’s wine areas, Eagles Palace Hotel and Spa in Halkidiki has organised a series of events inviting wine connoisseurs to enjoy the finest selection of wines.

During the Mediterranean Wines event (10/6/2013),  Claudia Papagianni will be presenting ten awarded wine labels from the Claudia Papagianni estate, taking guests on an outstanding wine tasting journey to the local roads of wine….

wine experiences in halkidiki

Through the Holy Mountain Vineyards of the Mediterranean event, Evaggelos Tsantalis will be presenting wine labels from Agion Oros, suggesting a menu created by the monk Epifanios, taking the monasterial cuisine once again outside its natural borders while proposing the (simple) diet of Agion Oros as a way of practice and a way of life… this event (11/6/2013) is a unique chance to experience the exhilarating flavours from Mount Athos!

Join the Eagles Palace events and discover Halkidiki’s heritage through the fragrant roots of its past.


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