Green, Fun and Happiness in Thessaloniki


Thessaloniki is renowned as the most erotic city in Greece, and this is fair enough. The co-capital city of Greece satisfies every need, even the most demanding either inhabitant or visitor may have. From culture to amusement, and from education to business, Thessaloniki is a self-sufficient city, where people experience the best out of it. Romantic couples, inquisitive families, pioneer artists, inventing researchers, innovating businessmen and businesswomen, dreaming students as well as stargazing youngsters may find their corner of joy, and delight in it.

Among thousands of others assets, Thessaloniki can be proud of its parks. Especially after redesigning and renovating the coastline of the city centre in the past autumn, the city has seven brand new parks that can truly host and satisfy any desire. The seven new parks are the following:

1. The Garden of Sculptures
2. The Garden of the Mediterranean Sea
3. The Garden of Phocas
4. The Garden of the Seasons
5. The Garden of the Sand
6. The Garden of the Afternoon Sun and
7. The Garden of Alexander

Each one is for special occasions, whereas everyone can let themselves along with their senses free and find a shelter from the everyday clatter.

Zoo Park Thessaloniki(Source: Facebook, Μαριάννα Χατζη)

The zoological gardens as well as the zoo of Thessaloniki are also the landmarks of the city for those who want to meet with the nature at its finest. Located at the top of Kedrinos Hill in the Forest of Seih-Sou, it is the ideal place to see the huge range of both flora and fauna (bears, wolves, various species of birds, goats etc.) of the area. From the gardens you can also have an outstanding view of the whole city, while enjoying your drink!

Waterland Thessaloniki(Source:

Additionally, Waterland and Magic Park may let you have bunched of fun! The first will amaze you, since it is the apogee of water-fun, especially if you or your kids are really fond of it. It is situated near the airport, just a few kilometres away from the city centre. Magic Park, on the other hand, is the epitome of the amusement parks. Let the rides alone, you may find there a log flume, waltzers, bumper cars and roller coasters. It is located almost 12 kilometres from the airport.

Excelsior Hotel

Thessaloniki is the city of the everyday holidays, so do not hesitate to plan your next trip to the restless city! Excelsior, the 5 star boutique hotel, is one of the most luxury hotels in Thessaloniki. It will welcome you, your better-half, your friends or your family, promising the most elegant vacations in the co-capital city of Greece.

City Hotel

City Hotel, the green oasis of Thessaloniki downtown, will definitely be the ideal destination if you plan a trip to Thessaloniki. The urban nature hotel will match both your stylish and amusement concerns, while it will offer you a most relaxing stay!

Do not wait! Green, fun and happiness inhabits in Thessaloniki!


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