Gastrono-licious Experiences

gastronomy in halkidiki

One of the most important elements that define Greece is its history and sightseeing, its people, its hospitality and of course its cuisine. Taking this factor into consideration, Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa in Halkidiki offers a wide variety of options for all gastronomy lovers. The gastronomy experience in Halkidiki sets off through a selection of fine restaurants serving international gourmet dishes, Greek specialties, Italian delicacies and fusion cuisine. With such an exemplary combination of choices this stunning resort in Greece takes the gastronomy experience to a whole new level.

One of the finest gourmet dinner restaurants in Ouranoupolis, Kamares Restaurant, invites you to relish dreamy flavours from the international cuisine on its breath-taking sunset terrace.

romantic restaurant halkidiki

Armyra Restaurant, one of the most elegant Greek cuisine restaurants in Ouranoupolis offers you the finest selection of fresh fish, mouth-watering Greek meals prepared on the spot and traditional fish dainties!

beach restaurant halkidiki

For relaxing moments, Melathron Restaurant is the perfect restaurant for dinner buffets one can enjoy in the most enchanting of atmospheres.

melathron restaurant in halkidiki

If you love the Italian cuisine then the ideal choice for you is the Vinum Italian restaurant in Ouranoupolis serving delectable flavours of Italian inspiration.

vinum italian restaurant halkidiki

Don’t forget that you can pick your lunch, snack or dinner from the great variety of our all day dining catalogue, filled with tasteful creations from our Executive Chef…

all day dining

Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa is not just limited to its fine restaurants that are widely known in Halkidiki but has also scheduled for its prominent guests the most “gastrono-licious” events! A menu with identity, created by the Chef Ilias Gotsis with ingredients used by the ancient Greeks offers diners a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient Greek cuisine.

Eagles Palace Hotel is proud to present the chefs of the most renowned gourmet restaurants in Thessaloniki and Athens competing for the title of the Best Restaurants of Greece.

During July and August, guest chefs will prepare a full 4-5 course menu especially designed for the hotel’s guests and visitors.

gourmet restaurant ouranoupolis

The Gourmet Award Ceremony will shut its gates in the same impressive way that was initially opened against the inspiring backdrop of Mount Athos. The closing ceremony is marked by the awarding of renowned prizes that have become an institution at this leading annual gastronomic event.

The chef Ilias Gotsis presents in his menu oriental culinary practices and serves some of the most characteristic flavours of Asia Minor, turning back time to the most creative era of gastronomy!


For the Monasterial Cuisine event at Eagles Palace Hotel & Spa, the kitchen comes alive from the early hours when monk Epifanios prepares a monasterial menu that is characterised by simplicity yet exquisite taste.

Last but not least, the high quality gourmet menu by the chef Ilias Gotsis, who transforms fresh raw materials to scrumptious creations of exceptional culinary standards for the Iodine and Salt event.

Enjoy this marathon of Gastrono-liscious experiences at Eagles Palace!


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