Enchanting beaches of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki Beaches Epanomi

Thessaloniki is privileged; it’s a city that has everything… extrovert people, a deep 2,000 years old history and an exuberant cuisine that is celebrated throughout the world. It is an important commercial and financial hub of Greece and Europe… and of course like most Greek cities it is famous for its beaches… even though its ‘’rival’’ Halkidiki wins the impressions throughout summer, the beaches of Thessaloniki are enviable…

Just 25 km away from the bustling centre, the sandy beach of Epanomi is ready to welcome you…

Epanomi Beach

The organized beach of Asprovalta, just 40 km away from Thessaloniki is one of the most popular destinations for the habitants of Thessaloniki.

Asprovalta beach

Another popular beach area amongst locals has been for many years the broader area of Michaniona

Michaniona Beach

Nei Epivates Palirria beach is a well-known resort, located in a semi-urban area, 24 km from Thessaloniki.

Neoi Epivates Beach

Approximately 22km away from the city centre, Peraia beach is a good choice for those who live in the city and wish to escape in a nearby resort.

Peraia Beach

If you love sandy beaches then Stavros is the ideal beach for you…

Stavros beach


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