City Break…an Egg


Easter is rapidly approaching but you still have the chance to take off for a magical Easter break to the city of Thessaloniki where tradition is alive and intensively celebrated.

On Holy Thursday witness the dying of the red eggs and the baking of “Tsoureki”, the traditional bun and attend the church liturgy where you can observe a symbolic representation of the crucifixion.

Holy Friday is a day of sorrow for all Christianity, no food is eaten, other than boiled unseasoned soup, no music is heard, no work is done and flags are hung at half-mast. The epitaph, adorned with flowers is processed around the town followed by the congregation.

On Holy Saturday preparations begin, the magiritsa soup is cooked and everyone attends the midnight service of the Resurrection holding their “lampades” – candles. The eternal flame is passed from person to person declaring the rebirth of Christ and people wish “Christos Anesti” announcing that Christ has risen. The bells are ringing, the fireworks are flying through the sky and it’s time for the magiritsa dinner and the custom of egg cracking. Family and friends sitting around the dinner table tap each other’s eggs trying to break everyone else’s egg. The winner is considered to have good luck until next year’s challenge.

Easter in Thessaloniki, Greece

On Easter Sunday wake to the mouth-watering smell of spit roasted lamb and kokoretsi roast, made of lamb intestines and enjoy the most legendary meal of the year.

Breathe in the scents of spring and follow the rituals of Easter festivities in the heart of Thessaloniki’s historical centre while indulging in the luxury of Excelsior Hotel or set off for the ultimate urban nature escape at City Hotel.

Pick amidst the two special Easter offers, enjoy the most scrumptious breakfasts, relish tradition on Holy Saturday with authentic flavours and close the Passion Week with an amazing Easter Sunday meal at the Excelsior Bistro. For 3-night bookings receive the bonus of complimentary room upgrade and a relaxing 25’ massage for two.

Looking forward to break…an egg in the city?
Select your offer, pack your bags and…Kalo Pascha!

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