Best of Thessaloniki – Where to Go

Thessaloniki is a city bustling with life, arts, culture and old-world heritage. It is a city with so many things to do that simply only one visit is never enough.

Thessaloniki city aristotelous(Image Credits:

So, what if the time you have on your hands to explore this gorgeous city of Northern Greece is limited, where would you begin? Well, according to the New York Times, there are certain places you should not miss if you visit Thessaloniki for 36 hours.

Let’s take a look!

1. The Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki

thessaloniki museum(Image Credits:

Precious treasures, unique works of art and everyday objects reveal the glories of the past.

2. The Museum of Byzantine Culture

Museum of Byzantine Culture

Rare books, impressive jewelry, religious icons and rare exhibits uncover the secrets of the Byzantine culture.

3. The State Museum of Modern Art

State Museum of Modern Art(Image Credits:

Situated at the Monastery of Lazariston, the museum features mostly Russian masterpieces from the Kostakis collection.

4. The Museum of Photography

photography museum thessaloniki(Image Credits:

Featuring exhibitions of historic and contemporary photography, the museum takes you on a journey through time.

5. The White Tower

white tower(Image Credits: Pinterest)

A precious landmark, a monument and a museum attesting the troublesome history of the city of Thessaloniki.

6. The Vlatadon Monastery

vlatadon monastery(Image Credits:

This beautiful and peaceful Byzantine Monastery in Ano Poli is a Holy Royal Patriarchal Stavropegic Monastery of the Church of Constantinople worth exploring.

7. Vlali Flea Market (or Kapani)

vlali flea market(Image Credits:

One of the most traditional markets of Thessaloniki hosting all kinds of shops, open air markets with fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs as well as flower shops and restaurants.

8. The Antique Stores around the Roman Agora

Roman-Forum(Image Credits:

There are several antique stores around the Roman Agora where one can find anything from historical artifacts to vintage clothing, furniture, military equipment and accessories.

9. The Rotonda


One of the most important Roman monuments in Thessaloniki that used to serve as a resting place, a mosque and a church until recently that was turned into a sculpture museum hosting several exhibitions.

10. Ladadika

ladadika thessaloniki

The historic neighborhood of Ladadika used to be the major hub of the city featuring a great number of bars and restaurants standing side to side.


So, all that is left for you to do is visit the city of Thessaloniki, arrange your stay at The Excelsior hotel and get ready to explore the city’s wonders.


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