Be as Great as Alexander

Alexander the Great Marathon (Source:

For the 9th consecutive year the International MarathonAlexander the Great” will take place in Thessaloniki. This Marathon reflects one of the greatest personalities of humanity, Alexander, the king of Macedonia, making the race itself a great experience.

Alexander the Great Marathon in Thesasloniki(Source:

The first Marathon was held on April 16th of 2006 pleasing many people who had envisioned it as a great way to pay tribute to the world renowned bravery of this historical persona.

This event is organized every year by the International Association of Athletics Federations and it is under the auspices of SEGAS, HOC, and the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO with the cooperation of 52 bodies and the help of institutional supporters.

This Marathon is covering the route Pella – Thessaloniki; beginning from Pella as it was the ancient capital of Macedonia, also known as the birthplace of Alexander the Great and concluding at Chalkidona, in Thessaloniki.

Alexander the Great statue

Participants will meet in front of the statue of Alexander the Great and be transferred to Pella for free. After completing the race a variety of juices, soft drinks, energy bars and other snacks will be given to the participants free of charge as well.

If you are a sports lover and you enjoy following the “rules” of a healthy life this is your chance to become great.

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