Alternative Experiences to Enjoy in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is a famous destination in Northern Greece but also throughout the world because of its amazing beaches, verdant landscapes, ancient history and mild weather. However, Halkidiki has much more to offer beyond the beaches as there are many alternative experiences to enjoy in Halkidiki. Let’s start the tour!

1. Diving course

scuba diving - halkidiki

If you crave for some adventure for your holidays, Halkidiki is the place to be as it offers a breadth of water sports and fun activities in its 500 km coastline.

Feel the essence of nature and speed up your adrenaline while exploring the majestic underwater life of this divine region. Attend one of the most popular scuba diving programs, complete the most thrilling PADI course and dive into the crystalline waters of Halkidiki in an environment of spiritual splendor.

2. Cycling among mountains

cycling(Image Credits:

Halkidiki is also a number one choice for mountain lovers. There are so many paths for mountain biking and walking through the pine, oak and firs forests as well as the chestnut trees harmoniously blending with the azure sea.

Go for an excursion to Kassandra Peninsula, walk or cycle and feel the sea breeze refreshing your soul and body.

3. Private coves and caverns

Petralona cave(Image Credits:

Halkidiki’s unspoiled land and natural formations make it balance amidst the earth and sea turning this region to an ideal place filled with secluded bays and coves where couples can enjoy their privacy. Not to mention that you can’t leave Halkidiki without an excursion to Petralona Cave.

Petralona Cave is located at 300 meters above sea-level on the west foot of Mount Katsika in Halkidiki and is known for the majestic stalactites and stalagmites as well as for the bones of the Archanthrope of Petralona.

4. Thermal spas

halkidiki thermal springs(Image Credits:

Halkidiki has one of the best natural healing thermal springs in Greece, and as a result many people of all ages visit it to take advantage of their thermal properties and enjoy the most natural treatments and cures.

Live the ultimate aquatic experience at the crystal waters of Kassandra’s beaches and Halkidiki’s southwestern coast.

5. Excursions to isles around

halkidiki isles (Image Credits:

There is a wide range of boat trips and private yachting excursions offered in Halkidiki’s idyllic surroundings ensuring the best sailing holidays at several isles nearby. Set off on a boat trip to Ammouliani, an island combining big rocks, fine golden sand, blue-green waters and vegetation or to the isle of Kelyfos (turtle island) which is well known for its amazing seabed as well as the great number of wild goats.

6. Monastic history

tower of prosforio(Image Credits:

Enjoy a truly unique culture experience against the magical backdrop of Mount Athos in Halkidiki, a unique World Heritage Site! Mount Athos is located in the third peninsula of Halkidiki, in a region blessed by the Gods. Walk around the Tower of Prosforio in Ouranoupolis, a tower of great monastic architecture or follow the spiritual paths to some of the other 20 Eastern Orthodox Monasteries you can find in Halkidiki and explore the rich history and cultural heritage of the region.

Don’t miss the chance to unravel the secrets of the monastic cuisine by buying a book on the Monastic diet.

7. Vineyards

halkidiki vineyard

Halkidiki’s vineyards stand out because of the region’s exceptional soil and climate ensuring the production of high quality wines. Either you prefer rose, white or red wine, Halkidiki offers a wide variety of options for every taste as it hosts world-class wineries, including the largest winery in all of Greece, Domaine Porto Carras.

Savour the “Agioritiko” wine along with fresh sea food and embark on a wine tasting journey to the local vineyards of the west part of Halkidiki.

8. Parthenonas Village

parthenonas village halkidiki(Image Credits:

Parthenonas is a historical village and one of the most unique mountain villages in Halkidiki. It is located at an altitude of 300 m on the side of the mountain at Neos Marmaras in Sithonia. The village is popular for its breathtaking view to the sea and sunset. Enjoy the surrounding hiking trails or set off on a walking tour through paths of natural beauty.

Eagles Palace’s guests can live their own one-of-a-kind experiences in Halkidiki while indulging at one of Halkidiki’s most exceptional 5 star hotels, offering luxury accommodation in Ouranoupolis.


Either you choose to visit the cosmopolitan Kassandra peninsula, the mystique peninsula of Mount Athos or the natural Sithonia peninsula, Halkidiki seems as if taken right out of a fairytale!




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